What We're Learning!
‚ÄčKindergarten - Students are learning about and practicing critical & creative thinking skills. This month they've been working on critical thinking skills using analogies and listening skills which require them to think about concrete ideas in unique ways. 

1st Grade -  Students are learning about detective thinking in which they use clues to find the one correct answer. Students are sharpening their reasoning skills! 

2nd Grades - Students are learning about divergent thinking in which they branch off in many different directions. During divergent thinking, students learn about fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. This thinking skill gives students an opportunity to brainstorm, piggyback ideas, and transform. 

3rd Grade - We've studied deductive logic in which students had to find clues, read clues, put clues together, and reflect in order to solve problems using logic elimination grids. This week, students are review divergent thinking skills and creating a contraption modeled after Rube Goldberg that can crack acorns. Rube like to create complex ways to solve simple problems. 

4th Grade Students are working diligently to learn all 50 states, capitals, and abbreviations. So far, they've mastered the Midwest & Southwest regions (16 states total).  In addition, each student has become the Tourism Director for a self-selected state. They've researched quick facts, agriculture & industry, and geography of their chosen state. This week they have been putting together a Google Slides presentation to compile their research. 

5th Grade - We've recently survived a Zombie Apocalypse! Students had to work through logic puzzles to determine which friends were infected and how the virus had spread. Then, they made an escape plan by looking at topographical and population density maps. Together they selected the safest places to retreat. This week we are learning the game of Chess! Chess requires attention to detail and problem-solving skills. Students must think critically and be strategic! 

6th Grade Students have researched various worldwide leaders like Duke Ellington, Margaret Thatcher, Robert Ballard, and Nelson Mandela. Now, each has self-selected one leader to research. Each student will read a biography and conduct online research to become an expert on their chosen leader. Students are creating products like Slides presentations, brochures, and full color posters. Also, students are learning to cite their work by recording sources and creating a bibliography to accompany their product. Finally, students will give a 2-4 speech as they display their visual product. Next month we'll invite leaders from our city, county, and state to our school for a leadership panel. 

Math Olympiads--5th grade advanced math students have been registered in the MOEMS program. They will meet one day per week during their lunch period. They will work collaboratively to practice non-routine problem solving and once monthly they compete independently through the MOEMS monthly challenges! Our first competition is November 12th. 

Secondary students receive their weekly GT minutes through accelerated, Pre-AP,  Advanced Placement, and Concurrent Credit courses.  

Courses Offered:
Pre-AP English 6
Pre-AP Math 6
Pre-AP English 7
Pre-AP Math 7
Pre-AP English 8
Algebra I (8th grade)-acceleration
Pre-AP English 9
Geometry (9th grade)-acceleration
Pre-AP Physical Science 9
Pre-AP English 10
Pre-AP Biology
Pre-AP World History
AP Lang
AP Bio
AP US History
Freshman Composition I & II
Anatomy & Physiology I & II
College Algebra

In addition, the GT resource room is available to any identified student who needs help with academics or affective needs.